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A weekly podcast for anyone practicing or interested in learning more about the Where Are Your Keys? (WAYK) system of language acquisition. We discuss topics around language revitalization, language acquisition, methodologies and approaches, and catch up with the team and where they're at. The WAYK system is a comprehensive method for revitalizing endangered languages and skills. Endangered languages are languages on the precipice, with only a handful of speakers left as a result of colonization, and the impact of modern economic culture. Evan Gardner, the originator of WAYK, designed it as an answer to these challenging issues of language revitalization, The series of Techniques that WAYK employs invites any language learner, any language teacher, anyone willing to play, to contribute to the system. By engaging a community, we hope to strengthen a community, as languages cannot survive without a community in which they can live.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 5: What happens after an internship?

    > "So going to work with Niiĝuĝim Tunuu made it clear that this is possible, because from my own experience, even though I had been in Pojoaque working with this mentor of mine for several years, I had only made a little bit of progress in terms of being able ...


  2. Episode 4: Quomodo Dicitur?

    > “When you’re talking about community...that’s why we have language in the first place, is community. You know, language builds community and community builds language. If you can provide a space for people to forget that they’re learning, to have fun and be OK with making mistakes and learning from ...


  3. Episode 3: What is TQ: Technique?

    ### Show Notes: In this episode, Sky “surprises” Evan and Susanna with a Technique of the Week. It’s the mother of all WAYK Techniques, [TQ: Technique](http://! Evan explains that TQ: Technique is all about “the idea that technique or method exists” for teaching and learning languages. Then Evan, Sky, and Susanna talk ...


  4. Episode 2: Why Bring Interns?

    ### Show Notes: In this episode, Sky, Evan, and Susanna discuss WAYK Summer Language Intensives, how they've grown and changed, and what sort of tools are in place to help facilitate a healthy and productive immersion environment, and what the purpose of the summer is—it’s not immersion in the target language, ...


  5. Episode 1: Where Are You?

    ### Show Notes: Welcome to Season 1, Episode 1 of WAYK’s new podcast: the WAYKcast! It’s been many years since the last WAYK podcast (2011!) and lots has happened that we’re excited to share. The new WAYKcast is intended to be a resource for anyone interested in learning more about Where ...